These are some great little appetizers.  I made them for an Heirloom event and people really loved both the taste and the color. It is a nice pop before a meal or to compliment a cocktail.  I was lucky enough to find both green and purple endives which really added to the presentation. If you are really lucky you can find multi colored beets as well!  The golden beets are my favorite.  This is a good appetizer before a big meal, because it is light and full of flavor. Its is almost like a mini salad, that being said this can be made into a larger salad for a first course as well.  I like to arrange them in circles to try and make them seem like flowers.  I recommend at least two each!

Ingredients: (for about 15-20 endive leaves)

2 bunches beats (whatever colors)

One Shallot

2 tablespoons vinegar (your choice, I prefer champagne for this recipe)

3 tablespoons olive oil

1/2 lemon

1/2 orange


avocado (optional)

microgreens (optional)

about 4-5 endives



Trim Beats (cut off stems)

Place beats in sauce pan

Cover with about 2 inches of water

Place on stove and allow to simmer until beets are tender (this will take awhile, and will depend on size of beets, small about 15, big about 25)  You want the beets to be very tender, a raw beet is actually pretty disgusting!

When Tender Take off heat and cover until cool enough to handle

When cool remove skins rinse in cold water and slice in small enough dice to fit in endive


Slice shallot into very small dice, place in ramekin with vinegar and salt

Toss beats with oil, juice from citrus add shallot and vinegar and salt to taste

(If adding avocado add to beets after being mixed this will be delicate and you do not want the beets to stain the avocado.  Slice avocado in small dice)

Break apart endives and place on serving tray

Place beet salad into endive and serve!

Microgreens or herbs of your choice can be placed on top of endive for garnish

If you want to get really wild you can also add chopped nuts and goat cheese!