This little cake is perfect for a small wedding.  It is totally do able for a baker of any skill.  If you do not feel comfortable frosting a cake smoothly I recommend taking a block of white chocolate (you can buy this at trader joes or whole foods) and grating it.  To grate white chocolate take a vegetable peeler and slowly grate along the edges . This will give you little white flakes that look gorgeous on a cake.  First apply buttercream so that the cake is covered and then add the shaved chocolate. The pearls around the bottom are a classic wedding cake accent.  Use a pastry bag and tip filled with buttercream and dot around the edge of the cake as evenly as you can. Another to make it look nice is to  put a ribbon around the cake board (you can buy these at Michaels) and connected it with push pins.  You can get real glamorous and use the push pins that are rhinestones (you can also find these at Michaels or fabric stores).  For the flowers this cake is a 6″ and I used a dozen roses.  I cut the stems to about an inch and placed them into the top of cake almost as if it were floral foam. The white make it nice for an intimate wedding this was for, but you could also use other colors and that could make is more accessible for other events as well.  I bought this cute little stand at TJ Maxx for under $20 and I have used it or all sorts of things, it even looks cute just sitting in my kitchen.

So next time you need a special occasion cake just know flowers and cake are the perfect combination!