Cutting an Onion is an interesting experience it can evoke tears, broken fingers, and often frustration.  However with this way to cut a onion I always find the best results.  In these pictures (thank you Katy for taking them) I am cutting a medium to small dice, you can adjust if desired.

My first tip for cutting is ALWAYS USE A SHARP KNIFE.  No matter what a dull knife will never have a good outcome no matter what.  Either invest in a good knife to begin with or take your knife somewhere to have it sharpened.  My local grocery store has a guy that comes once a week and does this and it is under five dollars.

I have seen this technique from Jacques Pepin and Julia Child two of my all time favorites!

First Slice The Ends Off:

Slice The Onion in Half:

Peel of the Skin and Slice Horizontal Slices Into The Onion:

Next Slice Vertical Slices Into The Top of the Onion: (is this making sense?)

Then Slice Across The Onion in the Opposite Direction of Vertical Top Slices and The Dices will Fall Into Place Its Magical:

Only a few times have I done this absolutely perfect and TRUST ME I have done this a lot.  At the end I do a little scattered chopping in the end.

Good Luck and I imagine all of you will be showing this off!