This truly is the best way to do bread for bruschetta, to have with cheese, meats, dips, spreads or anything you could possibly need tasty crunchy juicy bread for.

#1.  Place oil about 1/2 inch thick into heavy bottom sautee pan (the shallow one).  You do not want too much oil or the bread will be soggy, and you do not want too little oil or the bread will burn.  The amount of oil will also depend on the amount bread, I have faith you will figure it out and after a couple goes at it you will be a master!

#2.  When the oil is heated properly (you will know when you place the bread and it sizzles) add your bread and cook on each side until golden brown.  Control the heat volume so that bread does not burn.

#3.  When the bread is finished transfer to a different plate.  If the bread is too soggy you can line the bottom of the plate with paper towels to drain them somewhat.

I think this one is perfect!


***Variation:  After the bread is somewhat cool, you can rub a peeled garlic clove on it to make them garlicky, this is a must for me and for bruschetta!