My sister Dominique had an amazing party last night.  The party was titled Coulon Rouge a play on our last name and of course Moulin Rouge.  We glitzed her house with LOTS of candles, and of course lots of treats and cocktails!

The cocktails as seen above were the Coulon Sapphire.  We used Bombay Sapphire Gin, mixed with homemade organic lemonade, sparkling water and topped it off with some sparkling pomegranate juice to add a little rouge to it.  I wanted to enjoy myself as a guest at the party so I made all the cocktails ahead of time (about thirty minutes) and placed them in a row on my sisters mantle.  Freshness was not an issue because of the ingredients used.  I made an extra pitcher and refilled when necessary.  As amazing as it could have been to make fancy little cocktails on the spot the amount of guests and the time frame was not plausible.  If you ever feel as though you are in this situation I recommend making the cocktails ahead of time and arranging them in a creative way,  I had lots of success with this.

On the menu was:

Mini Ham and Cheese Eclairs

Goat Cheese and Olive Tapenade Crostinis

Cucumber and Hummus Rounds

Brie Pear and Hazelnut Compote

Organic Radish Toasts

Lemon and Raspberry Tarts

Sapphire Macaroons (made by Michele Coulon Dessertier)

I also set out some martini glasses with popcorn in them.  I did one with sea salt olive oil butter and parmesan and one with dark chocolate covered almonds.  They looked cute in the martini glasses and they were a nice little buddy for when you were sipping on your Coulon Sapphire!

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Good Luck Hosting Your Next Cocktail Party!