These little treats work great for any party or even with a salad as sort of a mega crouton.  A tartine is a french word meaning open faced sandwich.  It is like a bruchetta, or some people call it toasts too.  You can call it whatever you want, and they are amazing.  I get a lot of compliments on these at Heirloom Event, so try using them at your next event!

Slice french bread to desired thickness ( I prefer mine very thin (1/4 inch), keep in mind they need to be thick enough to pick up)

Place an ample amount of brie on bread, I generally use St. Andre

Put in oven @ 350 degrees and let brie melt over bread.

Take out of oven and place pear sauce (see below) or freshly sliced pears, chopped hazelnuts and honey serve warm or at room temperature

Pear Sauce:

This looks a lot like applesauce so I call it pear sauce!

I do this when I know the tartines are going to have to sit out for awhile and I do not want to worry about the pears turning brown.

For 1o tartines I would recommend one pear.

Peel and Slice Pears

Place in oven safe dish and add 1 tablespoons butter to one pear.  Just put the butter on top it will meant

Place in oven @ 350 degrees, and bake until pears and soft about twenty five minutes.  Some like a little crispness I prefer mine very soft.

When cool transfer pears to blender and blend until smooth.


Add spices like cardamon and cinnamon

Add honey directly to pears when baking