I can take no credit for this what so ever.  My boyfriend did this with our christmas lights the other night and I am just obsessed.

If you are like me and your broke, it is hard to buy things like christmas lights, because you know it is an expense that you are only going to use for a month tops.  Sure you will use them next year, but with short bank accounts that is never on your mind.  I will never forget the year my sister and I spent $120 on Martha Stewart christmas decorations, we had buyers remorse instantly, and buy the next year we had moved and had no idea where our glitter ornaments and sparrow birds had gone!

This year, we spent some serious time hanging our lights just perfect, and by “we” I mean Matt hung them, I sat there.  It was great.  He actually measured out the spacing, he is totally Martin Stewart.  Since they looked so wonderful, I did not want to take them down.  So instead, Matt used the two strings of the fiesta light bulbs for a whole new project, he used one string and took out all the white green, and blue lights, and on the other took out all the red and orange, he then put on all the white green and blue onto one string, making it not so christmas, and oh so cute!

I am not going to leave them on the front of my house, even though I want to, and am most likely going to put them in my back yard as fun outdoor lights (which are often expensive too).  I love having outdoor lights all year round, and I think they will be a perfect accent to summer beach barbeques!

At christmas time next year we will just switch the bulbs again, and make them christmas festive all over again!

Do you have any ideas for different uses for christmas lights???