My friend Alexandra is practicing holistic medicine.  It is wonderful skill for a friend to have.  I do think she is getting annoyed me however because I keep asking her questions every time something is wrong with me or really any one I know.  I have and itch, I expect her to know some holistic practice to heal me.

I was over at her house tonight to watch a riveting and profound Lifetime Original Movie, and she whipped up these amazing little treats.

Let me tell you, I love butter, I love flour, I love fat, I am no health nut.  I think I am healthy, but I am not a health nut.  Usually, if someone offered me a raw bar of any sort, I would politely decline, claim an allergy or something.

These bars have legitimate sea weed in them and they are out of this world.  The sea weed thing is called  Spirulina (available at any health food stores) which is a green super food, and it contains chlorphyl which  is a natural blood purifier.  I had no idea either.

I had to ask, and of course I said chlorophyll sounds more like boreaphyll.

However Alexandra asked me to consider that everything from yeast fungus and anerobic bacteria goes through your blood stream and that  Chlorophyll will manage bacterial growth, is natural anti inflamatory and nutrient dense.  Basically it cleans your blood out.

So if you feel like a sweet treat and being mega healthy, make this fun bars.

Thanks Alexandra!



½ cup coconut oil

1/3 cup honey

½ teaspoon sea salt

¼ cup spirulina powder

¾ cup sesame seeds

¾ cup of nut of your choice, chopped if nuts are too large


put all the ingredients in bowl


place in pan to make a thin layer (8X10) something like that no big deal it is raw you aren’t baking!
put in fridge for one hour

and break into bars, or any magical shape your heart desires!