If you read the recipe above and were wondering how to roast a bell pepper, here it is:

There are many ways to roast a pepper.  A lot of people prefer the over an open flame method, but I generally use this method because I think it roasts the entire pepper the best. It is a slow roast and  this method does take the longest, but I really prefer it!

Rinse Peppers and Pat Dry

Place in 350 degree oven until pepper is charred throughout this will take awhile (20-45 minutes depending on size of pepper and your particular oven)

I like mine to look like this:

Immediately place peppers into a PAPER bag ( like a grocery bag) do not use plastic because the peppers are hot and the plastic will release harmful chemicals.  You want to close the bag tight and trap all the steam in, this will make the skins easier to come off.

When the peppers are cool enough to handle take them out of the bag, take the cores and seeds out.

I generally pull the skin of with my fingers, and then use a knife to scrape out the seeds and any remaining skin.

If you do not “brown” the peppers skin enough, it will be near impossible to take off the skin.  It would be better to over roast in this situation than too under roast.

After I roast the pepper and skin and seed it one of my favorite snacks is to toss the peppers in olive oil, balsamic, raw chopped garlic and salt and pepper.  I leave in the fridge and let it marinate for as long as I can stand not to eat it, and it so good!

If you ever need something simple to bring to a party or event of any kind I recommend these!