A lot of AMAZING cakes come out of my aunt’s shop, Michele Coulon Dessertier.  Besides the quality of taste, one of the main things that sets my aunt above the rest is her choice to NOT use rolled fondant.  Many of the cakes you see in magazines, or on TV shows are decorated with rolled fondant.  My aunt does not use fondant, due to the fact that is just doesn’t not taste good.  I tasted it once and to me it tastes like sugar plastic.  We use white chocolate buttercream which makes decorating a lot harder than using rolled fondant, but the taste and the look is worlds better.  I want my cake to look like food, not a polly pocket.

I loved this cake and had to take a picture.  It was decorated by Katy Kessler who at only 23 is one of the best cake decorators ever!  She blows everyone away.  She is a true artist and we are so lucky to have her.  In my opinion she gives Sylvia Weinstock a run for her money, because Katy is decorating with my aunt’s philosophy of using all real ingredients, nothing fake, no props, all edible!

The animals on this cake are organic orange cookies dipped in  belgian chocolate.  YUM!

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