This is a really great/sort of dangerous technique. It really is not that bad, and once you know how to do it you will not be afraid.  You can use these apples for all sort of recipes, you can eat them with crepes, ice cream or even chicken!

Here is how you do it:

Slice an apple into spears (feel free to peel if desired, I like both ways, depending on what I am making, it is more posh to peel it, but sometimes I like to carmelize the apples with the skin on, because it makes them crispy)

For one apple use about two tablespoons of butter. Melt the butter in a heavy sautee pan and add the sliced apples.

Cook the apples until soft and slightly browned, you can carmelize if desired, but make sure not to burn the apples or the butter, stay away from blackness!!

Once the apples are cooked too your desired level of perfection.  Add (two tablespoons for one apple) brandy to your sautee pan.  Be careful because TRUE STORY THIS WILL CATCH FIRE!!

If your heat is on high enough the brandy and the flame will meet and catch fire on its own.  This is “flambeeing” if we are being fancy with terms.

If the alcohol and flame do not meet on its own, slowly tilt the pan so the alcohol will meet the flame.  The flames should go out in seconds, if not blow it out, or call the fire department.

If you want to get really special you can use Calvados for the brandy which is an apple brandy and is delicious.