These little treats are like a hybrid between potato skins twice baked potatoes and God.  I make them for Heirloom Parties and they are perfect for the picky eater.  Also, even though I know absolutely nothing about this super bowl thing, but Martha had something about super bowl snacks so I of course had to pretend I thought of it too. I think these little snacks would be great to eat while watching a ball game!



Small Potatoes (like fingerling, or baby yukon)


Green Onions or Chives

Sour Cream

Grated Aged Cheddar


Place Potatoes into the biggest/deepest pan.  I use my stock pot.

Cover with at least 5 inches of water (this is no science, don’t get stressed all I really said was, potatoes some water in a pan that is not shallow)

Let water boil and cook potatoes until tender, if a fork pokes into nicely they are tender

Drain potatoes and toss with olive oil (small amount) salt and pepper

Roast in own at 350 until the skins are crispy about twenty to thirty minutes

When potatoes are cool slice in half and sprinkle on grated cheddar

Place potatoes in oven and let cheese melt

Top off with cooked chopped bacon, slice green onions and chives and a teeny tiny dollop of cream cheese

***I am sure you know how to cook bacon, but just in case:

Place bacon in cold pan, turn on heat, cook bacon on each side until golden brown about 5-7 minutes, drain on plate with paper towels