When your in elementary school Valentine’s day is for everyone you give all the kids in your class a little treat and card and it is great.  Sometimes you may have gotten a little something special from someone who had a crush on you. The day seemed to be about all the people you love.  Then you get older and Valentine’s Day seems to become an exclusive club for people with relationships involving romance.  It has taken me awhile to realize this awful change taken place and it was not just me who felt awkward around february 14th.  If anyone is breaking out the box and having a Valentines Day party for more than just two people this cocktail would be amazing!

There is two cocktail’s on it, Kiss Me (champagne and pomegranate juice) and Hug Me (vodka and grapefruit) they are based off of conversation hearts the cutest little things ever.  The Noon girls made GORGEOUS signs for the tower.

I started with a sturdy base, like a table and placed four martini glasses filled with conversation hearts on top.  I then placed a large flat wood round on the glasses then on the wood round I placed three fun champagne glasses filled with conversation hearts and placed a sturdy round white platter on top.

I used plastic glasses and dressed them up with pink sparkly letters from the craft store.  I spelt out hug me, kiss, love, etc.  It was also a birthday so some of them said bday.

I placed the cocktail on and filled in the cracks with more conversation hearts and rose petals.

Have Fun!