A few people have mentioned to me that think turnips are “homely”.  That is really the oddest thing I haver ever heard.  I think that turnips are amazingly awesome, no where near homely.  Turnips are naturally creamy and they taste like potatoes and kohl rabi had a love child.  I love them and it really bothers me that people do not eat them as much as they should.  It bothers my grandma too, its hereditary.

I totally agree that there is an art to making soup.  At the same time though soup can be extremely easy to make.  I use to be scared of making soup because the recipes are always so extensive.  If you are having a dinner party or something it would be great to follow a recipe and make a fabulous soup.  However if you want to just make a soup here is basic recipe you can follow every time:

Cook vegetables

Add water or stock

Put in Blender


(I am sure a lot of chefs are cringing right now) However being so connected to the farm, there have been plenty of times where there was in overflow of vegetables and I wanted to do something with them.  So I followed those steps, added some spices, and garlic here and there put in mason jars, froze and then had killer soup whenever I wanted.  Just call my freezer Cambpell, not Wayne, the soup one.

Here is a very basic Turnip Soup recipe

Slice and Wash 2 white parts of leeks (leeks are really dirty, so makes sure to wash them well, I soak and rinse)

Peel and Chop 3 mega huge purple turnips or small ones or any turnip variety. The ration of leek to turnip is not too important.  I was doing about 3 to 1 turnips.

Blanch Turnips in Boiling Hot Salted Water (cook turnip until slightly tender)

Drain Turnips

Heat about 2 tablespoons of butter in heavy bottom pan

Add Leeks and Turnips Cook until desired perfection. (about 25-30 minutes) (when almost done add 2 cloves chopped garlic)  I like my turnips to get a little carmelized on the outside.  Turnips are cooked properly when YOU LIKE THE WAY IT TASTES!!  Start tasting the turnip after about ten minutes, and then keep tasting until you find your level of perfection.  I like my turnips to be soft, but still somewhat crunchy.  Turnips are often overcooked which is why many people THINK they do not like them.  I promise turnips are worth experimenting with.

Then add about 2 tablespoons cream and let reduce.

Cover the turnips with about 3 inches of water.

When it is COOL enough blend and put through sieve or china cap (optional)


I served mine with bacon and big parsley leaves.