When you are broke everything you buy has to have like a million different functions.  My couch is for movie watching, my dining room banquette, and my guest room to name a few.  My curtains are for privacy and later on for making dresses, not I am not THAT talented or that broke. You get the point though.  This is why I LOVE mason jars.  I use them as tupperware, water bottles, flower vases, toothpaste holders, the list goes on.  Mason jars can really stretch your dollar, and they are classic which makes them always in style.  I have had my eye on these crazy amazing lanterns, but just can afford them right now.  For the time being I used trusty mason jars and tea lights to create a gorgeous lit up walkway to my house the other night.  It made my house look cute, let people know where the party was, and made you feel special like you were walking up your own personal little runway.