This was one of the best weddings I have ever seen. And trust me I have to a few, a few hundred.   It was ridiculously darling!  When Katy and I saw it we flipped out and awwed in unison.  The bride and groom were two of the nicest and sweetest people ever.  When they came into the shop to discuss there wedding I could tell that they were so happy to be getting married, and very much in love.  The bride was so pretty and cute I just assumed her wedding would be awesome and it was better than I could have ever imagined.  It seemed effortless (even though I know it wasn’t) and it showed the couples style and personality.  The bride works at Anthropologie and I know many girls who wish there style, apartments, weddings whatever looked like that store.

Enjoy these pictures and hopefully you might get some ideas for your own events!

The entrance to the wedding was filled with pretty framed pictures of the couple, hung to a fence by string.


The cake table, used wine boxed draped with vintage fabric to help display the mis matched cake plates and desserts.

Gorgeous spring flowers.  Love the pink and mason jars.

An adorable cut out homemade banner hung about the wedding.

Cutest Cake Toppe Ever!