Last weekend Heirloom was part of a cupcake birthday party.

The girls drank chocolate milk out of vintage tea cups, snacked on fruit (really good call on the hostesses part, it helped minimize the sugar high) and decorated cupcakes.  They each had one chocolate and one vanilla, one for themselves and one to take home.  The hostess picked up some adorable cupcakes boxes from Meri Meri ( for the girls to bring home.

The mom’s sipped on Orange Blossom tea, with oranges from the hostesses very own orchard, ate some heirloom goodies and watched there daughters decorate cupcakes.

I was really impressed by one of the little girls (who also happens to be one of the cutest girls I have ever met)  who realized that she could decorate a cupcake, lick off the frosting off and then decorate it all over again.