The other day I was driving home from work and I almost got in a car accident.  I was staring/gawking at the most attractive boy ever in the traffic lane next to me.   On a closer glance I realized it was my boyfriend.

Since Matt got the farm, we have been splitting our time between our house in Ocean Beach and The Farm.  I try to make it to be this glamorous arrangement where we have our country home and beach home, and while it is for the most part, at times it is some what lonely and I find myself longing for the days when we could spend every day together.

The day I saw him in traffic I was shocked because he was not supposed to be down at the beach house.  I called him mentioned nothing of the near death accident and asked why he was down.  He told me he had to give me the first crop ever from Griffin Farm. He could not stay down because he had farm duties to get back to, but it was important tI had the first crop.

He had brought me some radishes, french breakfast and multi colored globes.  Being superstitious and an all over food freak and felt I had to do something special when I ate them.  I wanted to drive up to the farm and eat them right where they came from, but I couldn’t because I had work.  I thought about waiting until Matt came back down and we could have them together. So many scenarios went through my head I wore myself out.  I ended up watching three movies on netflix eating trader joes taquitos and falling asleep.

I had somewhat of a stressful and emotionally exhausting day today.  I came home saw the radishes, cleaned them, sliced them thinly, spread some french butter on toast, piled on the radishes, sprinkled it with sea salt, opened a bottle of Kermit Lynch Rose, called Matt told him how much I loved and appreciated him and sunk into the New York Times and by New York Times I mean Perez Hilton.

We may not get to spend every night together anymore, it may have not been some magical occasion or a complicated dish, but it made me realize through our food we are always connected and that his radishes are freaking good.