Alice Waters created the Chez Panisse foundation which has been a champion in creating a school curriculum that promotes healthy lifestyle choices through cooking and gardening.  They have linked up farmers and chefs to work outside of the restaurant to show students options for eating well.  Check out for more information.

While I am in now way affiliated with the chez panisse foundation they have been at the fore front of my inspiration to get involved with a school in my community.

Every Friday at King Chavez School in San Diego 170 students now have a class dedicated to healthy eating and gardening.  While Matt is working on helping them create there garden I am working on teaching them how to cook and eat the food they are going to grow.  We are not trying to force them to change anything about there lifestyles, but would like them to be aware that there are different alternatives to how they eat.  One day Chinos farm was kind enough to donate tons of fruits and vegetables to sample, we also made homemade fresh herb teas for them to take home.

Some of the funniest things I have ever heard, have come from these classes.  Here are some of my favorites:

“The difference between fruits and vegetables is vegetables are good for you because they taste bad, and fruits are bad for you because they taste good.”

“Organic means they grow it on the tops of trees, and non organic means they grow in underground.”

In reference to Matt. “Is he Mr. Anne-Marie?” I of course told them yes.

“Miss to goats lay eggs?”

I would love for this program to keep going.  I would love even more to have some support from the community.  Maybe you have felt the need to volunteer lately, but haven’t had the time or a cause you felt compelled to help.  If you would like to help the King Chavez Garden consider volunteering your time or donating items they could use in the garden or class kitchen. You have no idea how  greatly appreciated it would be.  One of there favorite things to do in class is peel vegetables (odd right).  Unfortunately, we only have one peeler, so it takes a while.  If you have any kitchen equipment you would like to get rid of, or gardening equipment you do not need anymore and would like to donate it to King Chavez Garden I promise these kids will cherish and enjoy it.  Please let me know if you would like to donate or volunteer, and maybe pass this on to people who may be interested.  Thanks!