King Chavez had the last day of garden class and to celebrate all the hard work we have done this year we had a little party!  While it was sad to leave for the summer it was also exciting thinking of everything we are going to be able to do next year.

We have to give a very special thank you to all of the people who gave extremely kind and generous donations to our program this year:

Jim and Janet Coulon, Dominique Coulon, Michele Coulon, Nanette Lesser, Katy Kessler, and Matthew Ferguson of Griffin Farm who gave us countless pounds of lettuce!

It seemed as though homemade ranch dressing was the theme for our class this year and so we made sure to have Griffin Farm lettuce and our own ranch dressing with lots of herbs for our party! It was so amazing to see the change in eating habits, from the first time we had salad where I felt like I was forcing the students, to now where students were actually asking for seconds!   After our salad course we had fresh fruit with organic yogurt and honey for dessert!

I feel truly blessed to have been a part of this program.  The students at King Chavez are all amazing, willing to learn and not afraid of hard work!  I learned so much from being around these students and their jokes and smiles helped get me through the week.  Please contact me if you would like to be a volunteer for next year, we would love to have you!!!

One of the fourth grade classes at King Chavez.  With their teacher Coach Dean who helped to create the Garden class during gym class.