Scallops are perfect for any summer party.  Serve one for a nice starter to your meal, or serve more than one as light main course.

When heading to your local fishmonger for scallops you will may encounter many different varieties and sizes coming from locations all over the world.  Right now in San Diego we are getting a lot of beautiful scallops from Guerrero Negro in central Baja California. These scallops usually weigh in at about 8-10 scallops per pound, but I prefer the ones that are not too big because they work well for searing and slicing thin. When shopping for scallops look for fresh, moist looking white flesh that is intact without breaks or areas that look dried out or mis-colored. A fresh scallop should have a sweet shellfish type smell and should not smell of ammonia or any other strong odor. Ask your fishmonger for the freshest they have because you are going to be eating them raw ( even if you are searing your scallops, if you tell your fishmonger you will be using it for sushi he may be more inclined to give you a fresher cut). Quickly and lightly rinse your scallops before cooking and pat them dry with a clean towel.

To Cook The Scallops:

Melt olive oil in cast iron or heavy bottom pan

Sear scallops on each side until golden brown (season each side with salt and pepper)

If the scallops are thick, you can slice into thin circles and fan out

While scallops are tricky to cook, they are always better under cooked, you do not want them to have a rubber like consistency, or have them be too dry

To Make The Sauce: (Serves Four)

Take 2 cups white and wine and reduce by half

Whisk in 2 tablespoons of butter slowly

Add 2 tablespoons of cream

Pour Over Scallops

For Garnish add fresh herbs such as parsley cilantro or basil, or as in the picture above you can garnish with  julienned carrots and celery root with a touch of sage flowers.