Whenever I have people over for dinner, I like to have a little something start.  For one it is a nice little treat, and it helps if you are not able to get your meal out right on time.  This takes no longer than five minutes and goes great with champagne.

You can use any type of olive,  I like Kalamata, Nicoise and Sevillano.  For four people I would use one cup of olives.  Mix the olives with one cup of almonds and toss with 1/4 cup olive oil.   Season with salt and pepper.  I use a smoked paprika salt which makes it a little spicy.   If I am really lucky I get to use Griffin Farm savory as another flavorful garnish.

Place the olives and almonds in a heavy bottom pan and heat for a few minutes on stove until olives and almonds are warmed.  Serve with champagne or a campari cocktail for a perfect start to any meal.