Heirloom catered a darling cowboy themed birthday party over the weekend.  From the gingham tablecloths, three year olds in cowboy boots and REAL LIFE PONIES the party was oozing with cuteness.  I enjoyed how much the little kids liked pretending to be on a farm, it made me feel a little bit cooler.  On the menu was, an organic cruditee platter, I used multi colored Griffin Farm carrots and I honestly believe this made the little kids want to eat them, onion tarts, organic griffin farm greens with radishes, cucumbers, avocados and King Chavez ranch, roasted chicken breasts with homemade barbeque sauce (my new obsession), scalloped potatoes with chives, rainbow macaroni and cheese, mini brioche buns and a cake with a PONY on it (the pony was wearing a real bandana) made by Michele Coulon.  The hostess and birthday boy’s mom put out little cups of Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies, which were awesome.  Not only did I want to eat them all day, but all the little kids loved them.  One little girl loved them so much that she tried to carry as many of the little cups away in her tiny little arms, and when she saw I noticed she got so scared and ran away dropping almost all of them it was really sad I would have let her eat them all.  Oh and the onion tarts, one little girl licked about ten of them and put them back on the plate.  Kids birthday parties are amazing!

Enjoy the pictures!  Do you have any farm or cowboy themed birthday party ideas?