I love catering bridal showers! Bridal showers have a lot of elements, ranging from the menu to the decor. This bridal shower had an all white theme. The hostess wanted everything white, the food, the decor, the drinks. At first I was a little stressed about preparing an all white menu, but by the end I loved the challenge. We decided on an all white cruditee platter (which included white bean hummus, white carrots, white radishes, white cauliflower, and white Belgian endive), poached chicken salad, aged white cheddar macaroni and cheese, coconut cupcakes, and Belgian white chocolate covered shortbread cookies. I adore the woman who hosted this shower. She handled everything with grace and is such an amazing friend who put together an adorable party in her perfectly charming home. As much as I loved the white I would really like to do an all pink shower! What food comes to mind when you think of all white?