Tea parties have been really popular this year. They are perfect for bridal showers and darling for little girls birthdays.  I never knew the difference between high tea and afternoon tea until a british friend of mine informed me how all of us americans are getting it wrong!  Afternoon or Low tea is what we imagine to be elegant, with ladies seated around low coffee tables eating scones and mini cakes.  High tea is what is more reserved for farm workers and laborers and is enjoyed at high or normal tables and generally consists of hearty breads and cheeses.  I love the idea of taking a break in the afternoon and enjoying a cup of tea and a snack and then possibly a nap.

Here are some popular tea sandwiches from past Heirloom Events.

Goat Cheese and Watercress-  Choose a base for you sandwich like sliced baguette, or sourdough bread cut into circles or squares with the crusts cut off.

I like to use Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog goat cheese either sliced thinly or crumbled onto the bread.

Top with watercress leaves a sprinkle of salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil.

Consider two sandwiches per person.  These really could not be any easier!

Smoked Salmon-

Smoked salmon is amazing. I would eat it all day everyday if I could. Every tea party should have smoked salmon. These tea sandwiches are so simple.

For your base- use a thin bread, pumpernickel and rye go very well with salmon. Consider using cucumber rounds as your base if you have a lot of gluten free guests.
I like to use a thin slice of high quality smoked salmon, creme fraiche, capers, sliced shallot and microgreens.